Is PhysioPhyx only suggested for those people involved in endurance exercise?

Absolutely not. Fitness enthusiasts of all types – gym rats, crossfitters, weekend warriors, body builders and those looking to maintain a certain level of fitness – can all benefit from PhysioPhyx.  We formulated PhysioPhyx to contain vital recovery promoting nutrients at dosing levels that have been shown by peer-reviewed research to provide meaningful benefits for anyone involved in strenuous exercise, no matter the format.  The keys to recovering after intense exercise include quickly and efficiently restoring fluid levels (water), replenishing energy stores (carbs) and repairing muscle tissue (protein).  The main active ingredients contained in PhysioPhyx are rapid-absorbing carbs, fast-acting whey protein and the essential amino acid L-Leucine, which according to published research and trusted experts, helps trigger and accentuate muscle repair and synthesis.

What is L-leucine and why do you have it in PhysioPhyx?

Great question!  We like to think of L-Leucine as our secret sauce.  L-Leucine is one of three branch chain amino acids and one of eight essential amino acids, and essential amino acids can only be acquired from foods or supplements. Leucine has been shown to boost post exercise protein synthesis by up to 33% and improves recovery of muscle performance both during and after steady state exercise, which is most typical of those involved in endurance related activities.  In addition to its ability to stimulate and enhance muscle recovery, Leucine can also help support your body’s energy needs during exercise.

Is your whey protein isolate sourced from hormone-free cows?

You bet. Our insider knowledge enabled us to easily pinpoint and source our whey protein isolate from the industry leader in antibiotic & hormone-free whey protein. It costs a little more, but we think your health is worth it. Typically products made with hormone-free whey protein will have a statement on the label claiming “This Product Is rBST Free”. Look for this on any product you purchase.

Why did you use whey protein isolate as your only source of protein for PhysioPhyx?

It’s all about the science.  Experts agree and research supports that whey protein is a fast-acting, biologically complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids needed to help reduce muscle damage, support muscle repair and promote training adaptions.  We chose whey protein isolate for PhysioPhyx due to the fact that it provides a minimum 90% active protein versus a whey protein concentrate, which is typically around 80%.  In addition, whey protein isolate is high in the amino acid L-Leucine and nearly void of lactose, making it ideal for those that are lactose intolerant.

Does PhysioPhyx contain any ingredients made from genetically modified (GMO) sources?

Never, ever will we source ingredients that come from genetically modified starting material.  We have strict sourcing and quality control standards that we will not bend.  Having worked behind the scenes of the natural products and dietary supplement industry for nearly 20 years, we know which raw material suppliers to use and which to avoid.  Every ingredient we use has been hand-picked and comes with statements of non-gmo compliance.

Why does PhysioPhyx contain both dextrose (glucose) & fructose as the source of carbohydrates?

Our goal in formulating PhysioPhyx was to give you the best of the best and current research shows that the co-ingestion of glucose (dextrose) and fructose provides superior performance over other carb sources such as glucose or maltodextrin alone.  Researchers often refer to this blend as “multiple transportable carbohydrates” – we call this combo our “go-fast” fuel.  The bottom line is that this blend has been shown to leave the gut quickly with no stomach distress and quickly enter the blood stream where it can be transported for your immediate energy needs.  One study using eight trained cyclists showed an 8% quicker time trial completion when consuming a glucose / fructose blend versus water only or glucose only.

I’ve heard that you need to refuel your body with carbs and protein within 30-60 minutes immediately after exercise to maximize the recovery process – what happens if I miss this window, is my workout a total waste?

Fear not, all is not lost.  Research definitely shows that a 30-60 minute window is ideal to help jump-start the whole recovery / replenishment plan, but missing this window of opportunity does not mean your workout is going to waste.  As you learn more about the science of nutrition and recovery, you’ll see that for complete recovery you’ll need more carbs and more protein than any product on the market can offer in one drink or even three drinks.  A recent expert review of scientific literature reveals that total carbohydrate and protein intake prior to your next hard exercise endeavor is of utmost importance to maximize your recovery.  This review points out the need for you to carefully plan your daily refueling habits (supplements and whole foods) in order to provide your body with the nutrients needed to excel in your chosen field of athletics.

Is it okay to take PhysioPhyx before & during exercise as well as post exercise?

Absolutely, PhysioPhyx’s research-supported nutritional profile and flavor system is ideal for topping off your fuel tank prior to exercise, supporting your energy needs during exercise and a must have post exercise supplement.  Ingesting PhysioPhyx during all phases, but especially post exercise, allows you to more effectively restore energy stores (muscle glycogen & blood glucose), limit muscle damage, minimize muscle soreness, stimulate muscle repair and accelerate training adaptions that enable you to more quickly resume hard training and improve performance.