Sometimes working out is not enough

Your ability to recover and adapt from moderate to intense exercise or competition is what separates a good athlete from a great athlete, and a good performance from a great performance.

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Connecting the dots between exercise, nutrition, recovery & performance


Guided by the most up-to-date research, we formulated PhysioPhyx LPR to work on multiple levels to nutritionally activate and power all facets of your training and recovery in order to optimize training outcomes and performance.†

It enhances restoration of blood glucose and muscle glycogen, improves hydration and fluid absorption through the intestines, maximizes protein utilization, accelerates muscle repair, minimizes muscle damage, boosts the immune system, and optimizes training induced adaptations.†

Research strongly indicates that taking proactive recovery measures will lead to higher training volumes and intensities without the adverse effects of over-training.

The take home message for EVERY athlete is crystal clear –  recovery from training and competition is essential for continued improved performance gains.†

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What's In It?
Powered by a specialized blend of high-octane carbs & fast-acting protein, PhysioPhyx LPR takes training and performance to another level of excellence. Added Leucine provides the trigger to maximize muscle repair and recovery.†
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How's It Work?
Training and exercise provide the stimulus to drive the physical changes needed for improved performance. PhysioPhyx LPR provides the fuel and essential cellular re-building materials to optimize your body’s response to these changes.†
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Why's It Better?
It’s simple…we created PhysioPhyx LPR using real world science to insure it delivers real world results. Nothing was overlooked in sourcing the safest, most effective performance nutrients from suppliers with the highest level of integrity.†
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